The services that I can help you with are in the following fields:

  • Property Law;
  • Construction Law;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Contract Law;
  • Employment law;
  • Administrative law;
  • Public Procurement.


My activity covers all the stages of a business relationship, starting from negotiating with third parties, concluding contracts, resolving extrajudicial disputes, reaching agreements and, if no other option is available, litigation to protect violated rights before the competent court.


The client's interests are a top priority in my work. Our relationship is founded on trust, honesty, fidelity and friendship. To make the client feel calm and secure I offer different options for subscription service designed specifically for them and consistent with their individual needs and financial capabilities. I work on every individual case with care, competence and in a timely manner, and the prices are determined in accordance with Ordinance 1 of 9.07.2004 for the minimum size of lawyers' fees.

The development of modern society and the foundation of state consciousness and market values inevitably lead to the strengthening of relations based on the established legal order. Even Aristotle defined man as "zoon politicon" (social animal), an animal "obliged and enforced" to live and comply with its peers and with the socially significant values.


In our everyday life we are not fully aware that everything is subject to public /legal/ regulation. Let's start the day with a drive to work in the morning, secured by the "Road Traffic Act", go through a quick snack break, which quality is guaranteed by the "Food Act" and finish the evening on a television channel  which frequency is available and licensed under the "Radio and Television Act". Laws, being good or bad, are the main engine for development and preservation of public order.


One of the fundamental principles enshrined early in the Roman law, but still functioning is "DURA LEX, SED LEX (bad law, but law), so everyone is obliged to comply with it and to be governed by it, everyone shall comply all their personal and professional activities with the dictates of legal regulation.


In a society governed by the rule of law, the lawyer has a specific role. His duties are not limited only to the fulfillment of the services included in the mandate given to him but are also governed by the traditions of the ancient profession.


The lawyer should serve the interests of justice and the legitimate interests and rights of all the persons who have entrusted him for defence.


The lawyer is the person who successfully makes the connection between the established legal order and the individual desire for existence, development and prosperity of the individual.


The lawyer is the person who helps the normal development of civil and business relations through the preventive influence of his legal knowledge, as well as through the proper interpretation of the law, when an individual right is violated or threatened.