Property Law

  • Preparation of documents for sale of property, establishment of right of construction, right of use;
  • Preparation of documents necessary for notary procedures and representation before administrative and judicial authorities in connection with the deal;
  • Preparation of different leases contracts;
  • Consultation on condominium issues;
  • Provision of advice on construction law.


Company Law

  • Registration of companies;
  • Changes in the company file (change of address, change of manager, etc.);
  • Transformation of companies (merger, termination);
  • Representation before the Trade Register and submission of the necessary documents electronically (state fee due amounts to 1/2 of the fee due for submission on the counter);
  • Announcing the financial statements in the Trade Register;

Commercial Law

  • Preparation and revision of different commercial contracts - for delivery of goods and execution of services, frame agreements etc.;
  • Consultancy on implementation of already signed contracts, preparation of annexes;
  • Advice on the procedure for bankruptcy;
  • Litigation on commercial cases.

Civil Law

  • Consultation on civil matters;
  • Civil status – citizenship, registration;
  • Litigation on civil cases;
  • Family Law (divorce, paternity, inheritance, and wills).


Contract Law

  • Preparation, comment and correction of contracts;
  • Participation in negotiations with third parties, representation;
  • Preparation of extrajudicial agreements.

Administrative Law

  • Preparation of documents (applications, objections, etc.) to the state and municipal administration;
  • Preparation of documents for registration or licensing of certain activities;
  • Appeals on individual administrative acts;
  • Litigation on administrative cases.

Labor Law

  • Preparation of employment contracts;
  • Development of the company’s policy regarding the enforcement of labor laws (employment, dismissal and penalties);
  • Protection from unlawful dismissal.

* For advice on security law I use the services of  external experts and consultation is always in writing, the price is the amount of 70 BGN.

Enforcement cases

  • Initiating and leading executive procedures before private bailiffs;
  • Determination of the ways for Enforcement;
  • Preparation of notary invitations;
  • Consultation on extrajudicial methods of recovery (settlement, rescheduling).


Public Procurement

  • Preparation of documentation and consulting the Contracting Authority;
  • Consultations during the very procedure and participation in committees;
  • Assisting the participants to complete the application documents in Public Procurement;
  • Appeals to the Commission for Protection of Competition.